Why Drink Gut Power

At Gut Power™ Drinks, we believe in harnessing the power of the gut so that you can live a healthy, adventurous life.

The Microbiome

Did you know that you have loads of bacteria living inside your body?

The majority of that bacteria lies in what’s called your “gut microbiome.” This collection of bacteria, fungi, and viruses plays a huge role in your overall health. So important, in fact, that researchers refer to the microbiome as the “forgotten organ” -- just like healthy lungs and a healthy heart are vital for you to thrive, so is a healthy microbiome!

These organisms in your gut help you digest your food, make vitamins which you can then absorb and utilize, and they play a huge role in the functioning of other body systems like your immune system. (1)

Microbiome Balance

The key to a healthy microbiome is balance.

You see, there are some not-so-great organisms vying for space in the microbiome, and to be healthy, your microbiome has to consist mainly of good (or “beneficial”) bacteria.

You can think of the gut microbiome as a parking lot -- there are only so many parking spaces available, and you want most of those spaces to be taken up by beneficial bacteria. When good bacteria park in most of the spaces, there is little room left for other harmful organisms.

But the balance of your microbiome can become imbalanced for a variety of reasons, from a poor diet to chronic stress. When this happens, bad bacteria start to take over more and more of those spots in the parking lot of your gut.

Researchers believe that an imbalanced microbiome, called “dysbiosis,” may play a role in some of the most common chronic diseases facing our population.

Gut "dysbiosis" (or an imbalanced microbiome) has been associated with a number of health issues, including:

  • Obesity, metabolic syndrome, and diabetes (2)
  • Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (3)
  • Irritable bowel syndrome (4)
  • Inflammatory bowel disease (5)
  • Autoimmune disease (6)
  • Neurological disease (7)
  • Mental health conditions, like depression and anxiety (8, 9)
  • And more...

Fueling the Microbiome with Gut Power™ Drinks

At Gut Power™ Drinks, we wanted to create a product that would make it exceptionally easy and delicious to fuel the beneficial bacteria in your gut to encourage a balanced microbiome.

Prebiotics and probiotics support the health of your gut, but there are a lot out there that didn’t measure up to our standards. As a digestive health dietitian-founded company, the research was really important to us -- we weren’t about to put just any old prebiotic and probiotic into our products.

Instead, we spent months digging into the research to find the most effective, clinically-studied prebiotics and probiotics to put into our drink mixes. You can be sure that when you drink Gut Power™, you’re getting the real deal.

You can learn more about how we chose our prebiotics here and how we chose our probiotics here.

Beyond using the best prebiotics and probiotics available, we also wanted our product to take away the “pill fatigue” that so many of us face.

We were fed up with all the pills we were supposed to take for a healthy gut, so we wanted to put our prebiotics and probiotics into something you’d actually enjoy consuming on a daily basis.

Who doesn’t love their cup of tea in the morning or a warm hot cocoa on a cold day? If we could infuse our microbiome-fueling prebiotics and probiotics into a ritual most of us already have, how great would that be?

So that’s exactly what we set out to do!

Starting with Gut Power™ Matcha, we created an absolutely delicious way to begin your mornings with the added benefit of containing prebiotics and probiotics to support a healthy gut. And we’ll continue to come up with the best drink mixes out there that give you that extra gut health boost!

Thanks for giving us a try!