Better Gut Health,
1 DELICIOUS Drink at a time

In our 1 Scoop Challenge, you’ll:
👉 Incorporate prebiotics & probiotics into your routine with our delicious gut health drink mixes.
👉 Maximize polyphenol-rich foods (great for your gut — we’ll teach you why!)
👉 Minimize processed foods (no crazy restrictive diets here — learn why those actually *harm* your gut health in the long term)

Our trifecta of ingredients – polyphenols, probiotics, and prebiotics – is the key to balancing your microbiome and  and getting your on your way to food freedom.

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"I am slowly able to tolerate certain foods again, and my gut overall seems to be healthier and stronger. I'm more regular than I have been in my entire life" – Samantha R.

Tried a million restrictive diets to try to heal your gut?
We've got good news and bad news.

The bad news: restrictive diets DON'T help your gut.

The good news: You CAN improve your gut health — we'll help you get out of the restrictive mentality and improve your microbial balance with simple diet and lifestyle changes.

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