Why You Don’t Need to Whisk Matcha

Why You Don’t Need to Whisk Matcha

At first it sounds so quaint and traditional...taking your time with a matcha whisk and whisking up a beautiful, foamy matcha green tea. 

But then you start drinking matcha daily because it’s so delicious and suddenly you find yourself hating using that dang matcha whisk.

It takes extra time. Extra preparation. Let’s be real...that matcha whisk is kind of a pain in the butt.

You move on to the blender. That’s got to be easier and faster, right? And maybe it is...for a while.

But eventually, the blender becomes a pain too -- it involves taking up counter space, extra cleaning. That time you thought you’d save...forget it!

A Matcha You Don’t Need to Whisk

When I created Gut Power Matcha, whisking was honestly the last thing on my mind. I thought that whisking or blending matcha was just a fact of life and something we had to get used to if we wanted delicious matcha on the regular.

But what I discovered was that adding prebiotic fiber to matcha powder actually pre-sifted the matcha...and I no longer needed to whisk it!

The gut-supporting prebiotic fiber we use looks like small little granules (see picture below).


When mixed with matcha, these granules get coated with the very fine matcha powder.

Now, instead of clumping together, the matcha stays separated because it is coating the prebiotic granules. Essentially, the prebiotic fiber granules act as a sifter for the matcha powder.

See the picture below for what Gut Power Matcha looks like -- matcha coated prebiotic fiber.

gut power matcha powder

When you go to mix Gut Power Matcha, you’ll find you don’t need a whisk at all.

Instead, you can simply use a spoon -- give it a few good stirs and you’ll find your matcha is perfectly “whisked” into the water and you'll even get a great foam on top. Easy!

The Most Convenient Matcha Powder

When I set out to create Gut Power Matcha, my priority was to make matcha even healthier, especially for your gut. By adding prebiotics and probiotics, I made this a reality.

But what I didn’t realize at the time was that I also happened to make the most convenient matcha powder -- a matcha that didn’t need to be whisked or blended!

Now you can drink matcha wherever you go without having to worry about carrying your matcha whisk with you or bringing a blender or any other nonsense.

All you need is a spoon and you’re good to go -- delicious, convenient, gut-supporting matcha wherever you need to be.

Buy a bag for yourself by clicking the picture below!

gut power matcha

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