Get out of the restriction mentality

Did you know that restrictive diets can actually HARM your gut health by reducing counts of beneficial bacteria in your microbiome?

When it comes to fixing digestive problems, it's important to think long-term...and that means working to INCREASE the amount of foods that you can tolerate.

increase your food tolerance with the 1 scoop challenge

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"I am slowly able to tolerate certain foods again, and my gut overall seems to be healthier and stronger. I'm more regular than I have been in my entire life" – Samantha R.

Better Gut Health,
one Drink at a time

In the 1 Scoop Challenge, you'll use a scoop of our Gut Power drink every day to help balance your gut microbiome and get you on your way to food freedom.

Each of our drinks incorporate high polyphenol flavorings like cocoa, matcha, and coffee along with our signature blend of prebiotics & probiotics in every scoop.

This trifecta of ingredients – polyphenols, probiotics, and prebioticsis the key to improving microbial balance in the gut and allowing you to incorporate more food variety into your diet.

So follow along with the 14 day challenge with founder and digestive dietitian Kelsey Kinney MS, RD. Submit your info below and we'll send the Challenge booklet straight to your email!

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