Front Line Worker Support

Front Line Worker Support

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At Gut Power, we feel strongly about supporting those who are keeping us safe.

We have already donated 20 bags of Gut Power that will go directly to front line workers to help keep them happy and healthy during this trying time!

While we wish we could give away more for free, we are a (very!) small business that is trying to survive right now, too.

And that's where YOU come in!

If you would like to donate a bag of Gut Power to a front line worker, please make a purchase here. We will send out a bag on your behalf to someone on the front lines!

We are subsidizing the cost of these bags so you will see that they are available at a discount from our usual pricing.

**If YOU are a front line worker, please fill out this form to have a bag sent to you and your colleagues. Thank you for your service!**

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